Brats Make Up Games

brats make up games

    make up
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  • Brats is a 1930 Laurel and Hardy comedy short. The film was directed by James Parrott. Laurel and Hardy play dual roles as their own children.

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brats make up games - Bratz: The

Bratz: The Movie

Bratz: The Movie

It's time for the Bratz girls to hit the red carpet! Join Cloe Jade Sasha and Yasmin as they rock out in explosive music shows strut the fashion runway with stylin' outfits designed by you and publish the hottest magazine ever! Their hard work lands them a once in a lifetime opportunity to star in their very own movie! Share their experience in the glitz and glamour of becoming real movie stars. ESRB Rated E for Everyone Format: PS2 Genre: CHILDREN Rating: RP UPC: 752919461181 Manufacturer No: 46118

88% (9)



From the desk of the Princess

So the Mario Bros. took us all out Trick or Treating around their neighborhood the other night. It was soooo fun, and the guys all really worked hard on their costumes! They looked awesome. I'm not in this pic, because I'm taking it (duh), but I was one of the Ice Climbers. The guys wanted to see me in something sexier (psshhh, guys), but I didn't want to freeze to death. It gets really chilly in Overworld 1-1! My costume idea let me wear a coat with a fur-lined hood! So ha!

Anyway, Mega Man had one of the sweetest costumes. I swear, he 1UPped everyone! I totally thought he was Link when I saw him out the window, and I was all "Oh, Link must've gotten a ride from Mega Man's mom," and then he gets to the door, and I almost fell over. SO FUNNY! He really worked hard on it, and he even helped his mom sew the tights! LOL! I can't believe he painted his helmet! He's normally so protective of it. He won't even let us try it on.

Dig Dug is such a little sweetie. He doesn't say much yet, but apparently he really wanted to be Donkey Kong era Mario. I love that. I can't believe he even knows about that. He's too young! Mario was very proud of him. I think he's Dig Dug's hero, and that is so sweet. He could hardly carry the mallet! Squee!

Link was all depressed because he didn't have much time to work on his costume, because Zelda got in some trouble and he had to go bail her out again. I don't know what he sees in her. OMG, I shouldn't say that. That was mean. Anyway, he had to settle for a store-bought Mega Man mask, and the rubber band kept breaking. Mega kept making fun of him, too, saying "This looks like the work of Cut Man!" I felt bad laughing, but it was funny. I don't think Link was too upset. I think each was flattered really that they wanted to go as each other.

Mario, in typical Mario fashion just picked a simple idea and did it well. He was Dig Dug. Dig Dug was elated. I know Mario did that for him. He didn't really have anything he wanted to be, so he figured he'd make Dig Dug's day and go as him. Very sweet. That's Mario. He always does the right thing, even if he is kinda boring. There's really no one I'd rather have saving me, though.

Luigi trotted out his Master Blaster costume again. This is the 3rd year. He is really milking it. I asked if he was going to go as that again next year, and he was all "Babe, you don't give up a ride this cherry," (gag!) so I guess we have him pegged next year. He added a ball launcher to the cannon this year, and kept annoying the crap out of his brother. They fight so much. Luigi always starts it, too. He's such a brat. Kinda cute, though. omg don't tell him I said that.

Samus was there, too, which was cool. I like having another girl there, even if she is stronger and deadlier than all the guys. She's so quiet, you'd never know what a fighter she is. She went as Excitebike. Little secret about Samus: she loves choppers. She's got like 5 of them, and she's always souping them up. Apparently that's a real vintage Excitebike frame that she got cheap because the previous owner made his own track with nothing but R and S pieces, and those really wreck a bike quickly. He put in a bunch of "moguls" (is that right?) which completely blew out the shots, too. OMG listen to me talking like a biker chick! I guess I was listening after all. I don't know how I remembered all that. Well, anyway, the guys went nuts over it. I'm about the only one who didn't get what was so fascinating about it. It's nice, but still. Some of us were talking later, and we're totally going to try to pry her out of that suit next year. She's gorgeous, but she hides it all from the world. I didn't even know she was a girl for the whole first year I knew her! She always finds a costume that lets her stay in that helmet. She has such pretty hair. I wish she'd let me braid it. I just want a real girlfriend for once. Is that too much to ask?

Last but certainly not least, Bullet Bill went as Bub from Bubble Bobble. SO CUTE! Hahaha. He even had a little lanyard with a bottle of bubbles that he'd blow sometimes. He couldn't see too well with all the face paint over his eyeholes, and he kept flying right through the middle of us and knocking everyone over. It was funny the first 2 times, but he did it like 6 or 7 times by the end of the night. He should be more careful. I bruise as easily as a... well... you know ^_^ Luckily nobody got hurt, or pushed into one of those stupid bottomless wells (little secret - Mario is terrified of those things - won't even go near 'em!). I don't know how Billy keeps finding costumes that have 2 B-words. Last year he was Bayou Billy. He had the cowboy hat and whip and everything. The whole BB thing is a theme with him. He even has a BB gun. I mean, what's the point?! He's a BULLET! But, then I guess it's like me playing with princess dolls...

This pic was taken at Aunt Bo

PIck Your Battles (6-14-09) #3

PIck Your Battles (6-14-09) #3

Jaina Lefevre skips inside and grins. "Hi Mama." She slows as she sees David and her smile fades a touch but she looks back at Deets and moves to give her a hug. "I been good."

Ravina Fitzcarraldo's brow archesa she notices the little girl and hearing her call Deets mama. "Oh my, you have a little girl now!"

Deets Carroll grins as she sees the door open and Jaina traipse in. "Hey Bug!" She crouches to hug the child close, picking her up and setting her on the bar. "I'd like you to meet someone. Jaina, this is an old friend, Vina. Vina, my daughter Jaina."

Ravina Fitzcarraldo smles softly atthe litle gil. "Good to meet you, little one.

Jaina Lefevre hugs Deets tight and gives her a kiss, then waves. "Hi Miss Vina." She offers a hand to shake and then glances at Deets. "Mama, I made some new frien's today and we got a clubhouse."

Deets Carroll smiles and waves to David before looking to her kid. "You've been good? that means no fighting, then?"

Ravina Fitzcarraldo smiles and takes the little girls offered hand andshakes it before letting go with a polite smile.

Deets Carroll blinks, "A Clubhouse?" Grinning to Vina, "Yeah, David and I own the place. David, this is Vina. Vina, meet David. He's a nice guy, if you ignore most of what he says."

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "I don't fight. That's what Rai and River is for." She smiles then, eyes sparkling. "Yeah..he says I'm an alien, but Bas lives in a box and has a space ship and is a He can't be in our club 'cause he's nothin' but mean."

David Valentino smiles to the woman at the bar, "Good to meet you. And hey there ET"

Ravina Fitzcarraldo chuckles softly to the comment about not listening to David. She smiles over at Jaina as she listens.

Deets Carroll glances sharply at the child's slip of the tongue. "Where is your clubhouse?"

Leor Tobias walks into the Snake Pit chipper and lively... "Hey Deets... how's tricks?"

Jaina Lefevre looks at Deets. "I said booger-face. I didn't call him a shit-head like..." she stops and covers her mouth and giggles. "Whoops." She shakes her head and says "I can't tell you where the clubhouse is 'cause it's secret. But it's in a safe place and nobody goes there 'cause its' dirty."

Ravina Fitzcarraldo laughs before she looks over her shoulder at the newcomer then back again to Deets. "Good to see this place finally gettig customers."

Leor Tobias smiles at the old dog comment... "Is he? I thought he was a wolf... can I have a martini darling lady?"

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "He ain't a wolf. Wolfs is in the park and they smell bad and lick their noses a lot and growl and look at you like you taste good. But you hit them with a rock and they run away sometimes."

Deets Carroll frowns to Jaina, "Well, you be careful. I hope you're not playing in the sewer. There's stuff in there that'll make you kids sick." She winks to Vina, "We've been doing pretty well" she pours Leor's martini from the shaker, topping with a slice of lemon peel.

David Valentino raises a brow at Jaina's words and glances at Deets.

Ravina Fitzcarraldo chuckles. "I've been gone a long time." She nods towards the little girl. "Haven't seen mine around here, have you? I tolf Elex he wasn't allowed back here, ever."

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "No, you can't go down there 'cause stuff will eat you down there. It's near th'church." She looks at Vina. "You gots a kid?"

Ravina Fitzcarraldo nods to Jaina. "Mhmm, his name is Elex, but he is all grown now.

Deets Carroll smiles to the new arrival. "Welcome to the Snake Pit. What can I getcha?"

Sarraah Huntress sweeps some of the hair from her face and replies as she presses up to the bar "All depends on whatcha got."

Leor Tobias sips the martini and looks around... "God, I'm off for the summer and don't know what all to do with myself...."

Jaina Lefevre looks at Vina. "I'm almost six." She turns to Deets. "Do you gots a better place for a clubhouse Mama? Maybe?" She looks over at the lady that just came in and blinks. "Don't sneeze."

Deets Carroll sighs and prays she won't have to read the labels to another illiterate. She gestures towards the shelves of liquor bottles. "Well, let me know when you decide."

Ravina Fitzcarraldo looks towars the woman at the end then at Jaina and grins. "Why shouldn't she sneeze?"

Sarraah Huntress narrows her eyes as she tries to figure out the sneeze comment, not quite getting that it likely refers to her clothes. She shrugs and replies "Doesn't matter, suprise me"

Jaina Lefevre blinks at Vina. The 'duh' look is writ clear on her face. "Stuff will fall out all over

brats make up games

brats make up games

Bratz Rock Angelz

Bratz Rock Angelz will empower fans of the wildly popular line of fashion dolls to explore their own "passion for fashion" in a unique interactive adventure game. Fans will be immersed in the Bratz World as they embark on a series of voyages in search of intriguing stories to inspire and create their very own fashion magazine. Bratz Rock Angelz lets you slip into the shes of any of the four Bratz Girls. You can customize all of the Bratz girls hair, make-up, and outfits as you shop for the latest fashions and travel to exotic International locations to investigate the hottest stories to create your own fashion magazine. Bratz Rock Angelz literally brings the toy franchise to life by letting players chat face-to-face with the Bratz characters in their own world.

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